Laser & iDig

A laser receiver is included in the system. Although the iDig can be used without a laser and receiver, using a laser reference speeds benchmarking when the excavator is moved. With the iDig, you can save money by using a receiver you already own, since the system works with any stand-alone and machine-mounted laser receiver. Laser transmitter, tripods receivers can be supplied as option to iDig.
XR600 - Horizontal Rotating Laser
• Compact size, convenient operation
• High strength material plus TPE for better shock proof
• Operating distance 400m
• Slope function in manual mode

Accuracy: 20''
Operating distance: 400m
Self levelling range: 4°
Laser class: 2M
Power: Rechargeable batteries
IP Class: IP54

XG600 - Automatic Grade Laser
• Single or dual slope
• Ideal for machine control
• Horizontal operation
• Grade settings X: -2% +2% Y: -10% +10%

Accuracy horizontal 10''
Operating distance 600m radius
Laser class 3R
Power Rechargeable batteries and alkaline backup
IP Class 66

XMC360 - Machine Control Receiver
• Easy to fit with magnets or brackets
• Rechargeable batteries
• Two settings fine or course

Accuracy fine 3mm to 12mm
Accuracy course 5mm to 25mm
Operating temperature -20° to +50°
Size 376 x 180 x 60mm
Net weight 3.1kg