Located less than 20 km from Paris, iDig takes pride in manufacturing cutting-edge excavator machine control systems. Our roots are deeply embedded in France, where we house our headquarters, technical support, after-sales service, and production facilities.

For over a decade, from 2007 to the present day, we have wholeheartedly dedicated ourselves to crafting state-of-the-art tools tailored for excavator operators. Our commitment knows no bounds, as we now share our expertise with 34 countries across all continents.

The unwavering dedication of our teams has propelled us to the forefront, solidifying our position as the industry leader in 2D machine control.

Empowering efficiency through accessible machine control technology for all operators

Pioneering innovation

iDig stands as the pioneer in wireless, solar-powered machine control systems. Our systems are uniquely designed, allowing for easy transfer from one excavator to another in mere minutes.

Simplified work

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to revolutionizing excavator machine control, transforming the daily work routines for thousands of excavator operators. Our goal is to make their tasks more efficient and productive.

Embedded technology

Similar to the array of technologies enhancing driving experiences in cars, iDig’s ambition is to introduce these advancements to every excavator. We are committed to ensuring that the latest technologies become an integral part of earthmoving operations.

Safety and protection

iDig enhances operator comfort by enabling them to monitor operations directly from their cab. This not only reduces strain on their backs and knees but also eliminates the need for frequent grade checks.


Making excavator machine control simple and accessible!

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