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B. Hardware Installation

Step 1 – Installation of LED Display and Control Box


The machine needs to be powered OFF

  • Before plugging in the cables, find suitable locations to mount the LED Cradle and Control Box Cradle
  • The LED Display should be put on the front window so that is in your field of vision of the working area outside.
  • If there is no window, you’ll need to use the optional C Clamp to mount it on the bar.
  • The Control Box is usually mounted onto the right-hand side window and at a distance that is comfortably reached by hand.
  • Allow clearance for the front window to be opened or slid up into the roof.
  • Use window cleaner to clean both the glass and the suction cup mounts to achieve good adhesion.
  • Attach cables to the LED and Control Box Cradles. Secure the cables with conduit, cable ties, etc.
  • DO NOT PLUG IN POWER until AFTER  the 2D Sensor is installed.


Complete Cabling setup

Control Box Setup                                                                                                                                                                     Optional C Clamp                       

Step 2 – Installation of 2D Sensor

Locating a suitable spot to install the 2D Sensor is worthwhile taking some time to get right. You are looking for a place that:

  • Is accessible – the Sensor is able to be reached and removed from its mounting plate with the removal key without interference.
  • Sensor will be level and facing forward.
  • Arrows on the top of the sensor need be installed facing toward the front of the cab.
  • The Sensor ideally needs to be placed in a spot that is level to the floor of the cab.
  • Installing the 2D Sensor on a tilt is acceptable if a level location is unable to be found.
  • A maximum angle of ±30° on both axis is OK.
  • Is free from vibration
  • Avoid plastic molding that is removable as this can vibrate when the machine is running.
  • Has adequate space for cable and plug
  • The communication cable is not under tension. Use an extra XD418 cable if more length is required.
  • The cable and plug into the sensor sticks out approximately 2.5 cm from the edge of the sensor. 5 – 8cm clearance is desirable to avoid complications with the cable bending to sharply.
  • Will not be subject to knocks or damage
  • Avoid areas where tools are commonly stored.
  • On some machines, under the floormats to the side of the operators feet is the only location. Take care to make a safe place where the Sensor and cable will not be affected.


Set-up for Backhoe only

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