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M. Installation Procedures – Laser Receiver Calibration

Laser Receiver Calibration – Manual

Take the laser receiver measurements discussed earlier in this section and enter them in the machine parameters:

  • Press the Gearbox button on the Main Screen then:
  • System Settings >
  • Select or Edit Machines >
  • Edit Machine Parameters >
  • Laser Tab
  • Click on Laser Receiver to place a checkmark in the box.
  • The AB Length should be 0 if the string line generated passes through the center of the Laser Receiver. If it doesn’t you will need to measure the distance from the string line coming off that line at a 90° angle as indicated in the drawing. If the Sensor photo cell is to the right of the string line according to the drawing, then the value entered is negative. If it is to the left of the string line, then the value entered is positive.
  • Enter the AC length.
  • Enter the Side Shift Laser value. This is half the boom width plus 2cm.
  • Press “Apply

Laser Receiver Calibration – Automatic

  • You will need a rotating laser, hand held laser receiver, an extra person and a tripod.
  • Only recommended if the Sensor is located on the bottom 1/3 of the dipper stick.
  • The laser should have a minimum RPM range of 600 RPM.
  • Pulse lasers should not be used.
  • If possible, remove the bucket from the machine. Set up the tripod and laser off to the side a minimum of 3m away on the same side where the Combo Sensor is installed on the dipper stick.
  • Turn on the Laser.
  • The iDig Combo Sensor needs to receive the laser beam while moving through an arc with the dipper stick in close to the cab and then the dipper stick extended away from the cab.
  • Be sure the laser is set high enough to allow the dipper stick to move in and out WITHOUT  having to move the main boom.
  • To start the calibration process press the Gearbox on the main screen:
  • System Settings >
  • Laser Functionality >
  • Calibrate
  • Select “Yes, I want to use the Combo

  • Read the reminder on the screen and press “OK

  • Place the laser receiver at the center of the bucket pivot pin and raise the boom and dipper stick until you get an on-grade signal on the handheld receiver. Press “Next

  • Bring the dipper stick as close to the machine as possible. Raise or lower the main boom until you get an on-grade signal from the system. Press “Next

  • Without moving the main boom, extend the dipper stick away from the machine until you get an on-grade signal from the system. Press “Next

  • If you should move the main boom between steps 2 and 3, the 2nd angle bubble with the frozen value helps you to adjust the main boom angle for the 3rd shot. Adjust the boom so that the moving angle is green. Then by only moving the dipper stick catch the laser beam. Press “Next”.

  • The final screen for your Laser Receiver calibration shows the calculated dimensions for your Laser Receiver. Press “Done”.


If you are using the 2D sensor, you may input the Side Shift Laser information on the Calibration results of the Laser Receiver screen. Measure the width of the dipper stick and divide it in half. Then add 2cm to this value and input it on the screen. If your Combo Sensor is located on the left side of the Machine then this value will be positive. If located on the right side of the machine this value will be negative.

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