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P. Installation Procedures – Auger Calibration


  • iDig Tilt Bucket Kit.
  • You must have an Auger with one of the following configurations:



Install the Sensors

  • Install the Triangle Holder on the tilting, but not rotating part of the auger as shown in this picture.
  • The Triangle Holder may be setup in ANY position or orientation.
  • If there is no space available for the Triangle Holder, it is possible to install the 2 Mini Sensors without it. Follow the same rules and procedures described in the Tilt Bucket Calibration section of this manual.

Calibration on a New Machine : 

  • Perform a complete machine calibration :

  • Select machine type.


  • Select the machine’s configuration : 

  • This function is not compatible with a Tiltable Quick Coupler.


  • Put the Auger exactly vertical :

  • Use the bucket open/close control to place the auger shaft vertical as viewed from the side of the machine.
  • Manually adjust the auger left/right to maintain it’s vertical axis as viewed from inside the cab.
  • Click on “Next”.


  • Bucket Sensor detection:

  • Use the bucket close control to pull back the tip of the auger towards the cabin.
  • The location of the Bucket Sensor has been detected. Click on “OK” to confirm otherwise click on “Cancel” and try again.
  • If the auger does not have an individual tilting mechanism, try to move it with the tip on the ground, moving the top backwards.


  • Orientation of the Tilt Kit:

  • While holding the auger inclined with the tip towards the cab approximately 35° – 55°, adjust it’s left/right inclination as viewed from the cab so that it is perfectly upright in the left/right orientation.
  • If the auger does not have an individual tilting mechanism, you must manually tilt the auger with tip pointing towards the cab.
  • Click on “Next”.


  • “T” height of the auger:

  • Measure and enter the T height of the auger using the front/rear and left/right hinge.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Length of the auger:

  • Measure and enter the length of the auger from the left/right joint to the end.
  • Click on “Next”.



  • Quick coupler:

  • Measure and enter the distance between the swing pivot/quick link and the front/rear pivot of the auger.
  • Click on “Next”.

  • Align the swing pivot/quick ling and the front/rear pivot on a vertical axis.
  • Click on “Next”.

  • For “floating” augers as shown here the distance to be entered is zero (0).

  • The calibration of your auger is done!
  • Click on “Done”.

  • One of the Main working screens of the Auger Function.

To Add a New Auger to an Already Calibrated Machine:

  • From the “System Settings” menu click on “Calibrate Bucket” and then select “Auger with bubble”.
  • Manual calibration of an auger is not possible to do, so repeat the same process from the beginning of this section.

  • The parameters of the auger are accessible from the “Buckets” tab of the “Machine Parameters” menu.


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