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A. Pre-Installation Checklists

Before you begin to install the iDig, make sure you’ve got everything you need to successfully complete the installation along with checking your equipment and your working area.


Prestart Checklist #1 – Items to have on hand to assist with installation

  • Tape measure
  • Make sure the unit of measurement selected for the system matches your equipment on hand
  • Magnetic plumb bob or magnetic hooks
  • String line
  • Clean rags
  • Brake cleaning fluid
  • Tripod – preferably an elevating variety
  • Window cleaner
  • Rotating laser and hand held receiver
  • Make sure your sensors are charged
  • Grade rod
  • Cable ties, conduit and sticky cable mounts for a clean cab



Prestart Checklist #2 – Machine Checks

Have you got a SAFE and SUITABLE location for the install?

This calibration process requires a bit of space to operate the machine in. You’ll be rotating the cab 360° and fully extending the booms and bucket. Find an area where you can do this safely. This area will need to provide a stable and level footing for you and the machine. It is crucial that the machine is level left to right to aid in calibration of the boom and dipper. An excavator tipping forward/backward at an angle is acceptable.

Machine checks before you start:

Is the excavator in good working order:

  • Pins and bushings are well greased? A sloppy machine equals a potentially sloppy calibration and an inaccurate system.
  • No Hydraulic problems? Does the boom stay raised and doesn’t drop when left in a high position? If so, you’ll not be able to calibrate the Boom and Dipper Sensors correctly and the system will not be accurate.

Check the power outlet

  • Can the machine supply 12V and/or 24V?
  • Is the power supply stable and not drop or turn off?
  • If power is not available, check for a blown fuse or corrosion in the receptacle.
  • Does the cigarette lighter plug fit securely into the accessory plug?


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