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We are iDig! Located less than 20 km from Paris, we take pride in crafting cutting-edge excavator machine control systems in France. Recognized as pioneers in cable-free excavator machine control, our dedication to innovation has fueled our business since 2007. Our state-of-the-art systems have empowered thousands of excavator operators across 34 countries on all continents.

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Pricing, Installation, Training, Warranty and After-Sales Service

iDig is the most cost-effective excavator machine control system on the market. Our product pricing varies depending on the TOUCH or CONNECT range, the 2D, 2D+, or 3D models, and various options like an extra machine kit for multi-machines. For a clear and precise price indication, contact us now, and you’ll promptly receive a detailed quote.



Usually, iDig pays for itself within 3 to 9 months. This isn’t just our claim; it’s echoed by our satisfied customers and backed by our profitability calculator. This tool assesses potential savings compared to your current working methods, offering a clear picture of the cost-effectiveness of our tool.

With 300 dealers in 34 countries, you’re likely to find an iDig dealer near you. Explore our global map here and reach out to us to quickly purchase your iDig. Start saving time and money today!

We understand the significance of trying out an excavator machine control system before deciding to buy.

Your nearest local dealer or expert can offer you a live demonstration. Additionally, we frequently organize trade shows and open-house events worldwide, providing an ideal opportunity to connect!

We actively invite partners to join us in expanding our global presence. iDig offers a range of benefits to its dealers, providing the opportunity to sell a sought-after high-quality product, enjoy attractive profit margins, and access a personalized marketing program to boost your turnover.

iDig makes excavator machine control accessible to everyone, and its simplicity is a significant asset. For installation, you have two options: choose the installation package, and a technician will visit to install your iDig and provide training simultaneously, or utilize our remote installation program with step-by-step videos. Our hotline is also available to assist you whenever needed.

When using the TOUCH 2D, expect a learning time of 1 to 3 hours, depending on your experience level. This estimate also applies to the CONNECT 2D, 2D+, and 3D ranges. Opting for 2D+ and 3D will require additional training for Spotman GNSS.

Our Hotline staff is available to assist you five days a week, from Monday through Friday.

Your iDig comes with a standard warranty of at least 1 year, and you also have the option to select an extended warranty.

2D, 2D+, 3D Excavator Machine Control Systems

If you’re uncertain about choosing between 2D, 2D+, or 3D based on your job site needs or future projects, explore our guide on How to Choose Your iDig

For a more detailed explanation, please refer to CONNECT

Please, contact your dealer to upgrade your system.

Yes, indeed Depending on developments, updates will be delivered either through a USB flash drive for the TOUCH or directly on the control box for the CONNECT.

iDig uses solar-rechargeable sensors that communicate wirelessly, either through radio with TOUCH or Bluetooth with CONNECT.

Spotman is GNSS/GPS linked to your iDig excavator machine control system, allowing you to conduct your own surveys and layouts without the need for a laser reference. Learn more.

Compatibility with my machine and job site application

iDig is compatible with all brands and sizes of excavators without any exceptions.

Yes, iDig is compatible with backhoe loaders.

With our Extra Machine Kit, you can easily equip up to 100 excavators with a single iDig system, allowing you to move it swiftly from one machine to another.

Our systems are compatible with all quick hitches and tilting buckets. Rotating tilts will need to be fitted with a transmitter to retrieve rotation information.

With the TOUCH 2D, the sensors last up to 90 hours, while with CONNECT, they last up to 300 hours.

Depending on your application, it’s always possible to design protection systems, and many of our dealers offer additional protection options.

All types of rotating laser (min. 600 rpm). A slope laser is required if you use the iDig’s “slope” function.

Yes. Simply place the bucket on a reference point or benchmark and enter the level or depth from that point.