• Une seule antenne GNSS qui peut être utilisée en conjonction avec une tige.
  • Dispose d’une fonction d’inclinaison qui permet de capturer des points même lorsque la tige n’est pas verticale, ce qui la rend adaptée à la mesure sous les surfaces.
  • Conception conviviale, ne nécessitant aucune qualification spécifique pour l’utilisation
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Versatile 3-in-1 tool: Surveying, Layout, and Machine Control.

Survey your terrain and create accurate maps with SPOTMAN. Our rover  provides essential details, such as the total surface area of a car park or the distance and grade between two points, enhancing your project precision

SPOTMAN provides stake points, lines, arcs, and surfaces directly from CAD drawings, and it saves as-built data to record your work accurately.

SPOTMAN is seamlessly compatible with iDig CONNECT 2D+ and 3D systems, ensuring precise execution and accuracy on every jobsite.

3 Configurations

With CONNECT 2D+, operators can use SPOTMAN alongside benchmarks or laser references for land surveying.

For more advanced operations, CONNECT 3D enables operators to create 3D projects, survey points, generate 3D lines or polylines, and import projects in DXF or LandXML format.


Spotman is a GNSS antenna that captures signals from all satellites, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS. With SPOTMAN, unparalleled measurement accuracy can be achieved. The optimized signal tracking is tailored to minimize land survey time, ultimately boosting productivity.


Spotman is the ultimate Swiss Army knife for your job site requirements. Easily switch Spotman’s antenna to base radio and/or mobile data for SIM card use to receive RTK signals via subscription.

Accessible to all

Spotman is a versatile tool that’s easy to use. It is appropriate for land surveying, project creation, and calculating accurate volumes for precise estimates. Draft your plan with georeferenced design calculations and create customized reference points on your job site.

Competitive price

Spotman is affordable. Request a personalized quotation to experience it firsthand. Our rover works perfectly with iDig 2D+ and 3D. Operators can use a single antenna to guide their excavators.


Leveraging our iPoint Android app, Spotman is seamlessly compatible with your existing phone or 8″ tablet. iPoint offers survey and engineering features, including volume calculation, surface creation, stakeout, and 3D design import.

A GNSS rover that is affordable, accurate and multifuctional!

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