• Suitable for various jobsite applications: earthworks, foundations, technical trenches, platforms, construction, roads, and other networks, landscaping, and more.
  • Perform a range of measurements: flat, single, or double slope, long axis, typical cross-section, distances, and depths.
  • Reference the ground benchmark or a laser for dig depth.
  • Enjoy enhanced data transmission: wireless sensors report position 100 times per second via Bluetooth 5 and recharge using solar energy.
  • Outstanding battery capacity of up to 300 hours.
  • Easily upgradeable from 2D to 2D+ – adding GNSS as a vertical (only) reference option, in addition to a ground benchmark or a laser.
  • Upgrade from 2D+ to 3D – 3D adds the ability to utilize a Digital Terrain Model of the project in the control box – providing the difference between the cutting edge elevation and the design anywhere on the site.



iDig Connect Cbox Bargraph Excavator Cabinet LED.jpg


iDig Connect Cbox Bargraph Excavator


  • Features all CONNECT 2D advantages – PLUS
  • Our SpotMan GNSS receiver on your excavator adds the ability to use GNSS as a vertical reference – move anywhere on the site and dig to zero without referencing a ground benchmark or laser.
  • Verify the distance and grade between points throughout the job site, making it ideal for drainage checks.
  • Our GNSS SpotMan rover serves a dual purpose! Use it for guidance on your excavator, then transfer it to a rover rod for stakeout with our Android-based iPoint application. The TILT feature ensures accuracy.
  • Achieve cost savings by eliminating the need for expert surveyors or urgent consultations.
  • Access guidance and technical support directly from your control box with an iDig representative.



  • Enjoy all CONNECT 2D+ features
  • Create and execute your own projects
  • Download and import DXF or LandXML projects into your control box
  • Upload projects with a USB key or remotely via the cloud using a shared connection
  • On-site positioning: Use Spotman GNSS for 3D visualisation, to accurately locate your excavator based on your project’s x, y, z three-dimensional plan
  • Achieve further cost savings as there is no need for expert surveyors or urgent consulting
  • Full 3D rendering: Explore 3D navigation and perspective cross-section views
  • Design and apply your own projects or 3D surfaces with onboard features
  • Use the bucket to measure coordinates of service locations, trench depth, and more
  • Customize screen settings to suit your needs



Choose an evolutive excavator machine control system  for future proofing

iDig empowers operators on multiple fronts :

Versatile options

CONNECT provides a diverse range of options to meet various jobsite requirements. Operators can opt for CONNECT 2D and evolve to 2D+ or 3D at their convenience. Our system offers scalability, cutting-edge technology, advanced 3D capabilities, and much more.

Remote assistance

CONNECT ensures smooth worksite operations, enabling operators to share their screen or grant full control. For any guidance issue, simply enable  remote control to iDig/Sales representative, or your surveyor.