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iDig is specially designed by and for excavator operators. Our systems simplify and improve jobsite operations by providing real-time information from a control box. With iDig, operators make fewer mistakes and optimize their fuel consumption and time. iDig is compatible with all excavators and can be easily installed and used by operators of all skill levels. Discover our TOUCH 2D, CONNECT 2D, 2D+, and 3D machine control systems that pay back for themselves in less than 6 months of use.

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iDig makes working conditions easier for excavator operators!

In the past, excavator operators had two options for grade checking on a job site:

  • Working with a grade checker in a trench with a laser receiver to take measurements: This method poses risks as operators must consistently navigate around the grade checker to avoid incidents. Additionally, the grade checker often had to spend time waiting on the job site for continuous checks, which is time-consuming.
  • The excavator operator had to go in and out of the cab up to 50 times a day to measure the terrain. Unfortunately, this approach comes at the expense of the operator’s physical well-being and is relatively inefficient.

iDig machine control significantly improves work quality during jobsite operations by allowing operators to achieve precision directly from their cab.

iDig eliminates the need for frequent grade checks, especially in trenches, ensuring efficiency and safety in such environments.

Moreover, with iDig, operators avoid end-of-day aches and pains since they no longer have to repeatedly step in and out of the cab, which in turn boosts productivity and accuracy on job sites.

iDig features two ranges of excavator machine control systems designed to meet your specific needs:

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How to choose my iDig