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F. Installation Procedures – Bucket Sensor

Installing Bucket Sensor

  • The Bucket Sensor can be installed on either side of the machine and on either the dog-bone or the quick connect.
  • “Inside” the quick connect or dog-bone is acceptable as well. Watch the sensor side if prompted by the system. The correct sensor side is the direction that the plastic cap of the sensor is facing.
  • Since the surfaces of the quick connect are usually more “rough”, applying a sole glue pad first, and then the plate with additional glue pad (glue pad on glue pad) is recommended.
  • For maximum accuracy it is highly recommended that you always install on the quick connect.
  • Find a suitable location on the quick connect and clean thoroughly with brake cleaner then wipe clean with 3M VHB wipes. Be sure to clean the backside of the Sensor plate as well. Apply the 3M double sided tape to the back of the Mini Plate.
  • Stick your Sensor plate on firmly and press for 30 seconds. The adhesive bond will strengthen over time.
  • If your machine works in an environment where the Sensor could be prone to accidental damage, now is the time to consider additional protection. Custom brackets can be made and welded to your quick connect for additional security.



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