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C. Installation Procedures – Main Boom Sensor

Boom Sensor

  • Find a suitable location on the boom that is near the cab to install the Boom Sensor. You are looking for a spot that is easy to access when installing or removing the sensor day to day. On smaller machines this is commonly in the lower 1/3 of the boom on the left hand side of the machine. On larger machines where the boom is much higher you can mount the Sensor on the right hand side where access is much easier. Do not install on an inclined or angled section of the boom.

  • You will want the bracket to be mounted so that the clips on the Sensor are facing down. This makes it easier to remove the sensor.
  • Suitably clean the area with Brake Cleaner and wipe dry. Clean the surface of the boom as well as the back of the mounting bracket with the 3M VHB wipes after completely cleaning the surface. They are not intended to clean but they accelerate setting the glue of the 3M tape. Attach the 3M double sided tape to the bracket and then stick your sensor plate on firmly and press for 30 seconds. The adhesive bond will strengthen over time.


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